Peacemaking requires two sincere, equally committed partners. "Say yes to peace" means supporting those willing to come to the negotiating table and dedicated to building a better future for people on both sides of the conflict.

Unfortunately, Palestinian leaders have historically been unwilling or unable to accept a Jewish State—no matter its size—existing in peace and security in the Middle East. From the Mufti of Jerusalem who collaborated with Hitler, to Yasser Arafat who glorified suicide bombing as an acceptable form of political "resistance," to Fatah and Hamas whose founding documents still call for the elimination of Israel, Palestinian leaders have directed their efforts at destroying Israel rather than living peacefully alongside it, and have callously ignored how this goal harms their own people.

Today, many Palestinian leaders continue to endorse murderous attacks on Israeli civilians, celebrate former terrorists, and indoctrinate their society with the idea that Israel's very creation was a grave injustice to them and that the Jewish State should be eliminated altogether. These themes are pervasive in Palestinian school books, television shows, mosques, and media. Palestinian political cartoons regularly mimic the dangerous anti-Semitic cartoons in Nazi publications during the 1930's and 1940's.

Israel cannot make plans for peace unilaterally. It needs a credible partner. Yet today, Hamas is the Palestinian government in Gaza, and remains faithful to the mission in its founding charter—murdering Jews, "obliterating" Israel, and replacing it with a Taliban-style theocracy. Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, has repeatedly said he will never recognize Israel as a Jewish State, and his government officials repeatedly deny the Jews' 3,000 year history in the land, and even deny that the Jews' holiest sites are in Jerusalem. In December 2010, Abbas said that there is no room for a single Israeli in a new Palestinian state. This is not a statement of tolerance and peace.

"Yes to Peace" requires that both sides say "yes" to the national identity and existence of the other. Israel has recognized Palestinian nationalism. Now the Palestinians must also accept Jewish nationalism.

This website explores the current impediments to peace in the Middle East, and urges you to support and empower the peacemakers.

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